Edgewell Personal Care, based in Shelton, Connecticut, boasts an impressive brand portfolio consisting of Schick, WetOnes, Banana Boat, and Skintimate, to name a few.Over the past two years, Eyeglue has worked with Edgewell’s internal creative team on numerous projects across Edgewell’s brand portfolio. Eyeglue has created motion visuals for various social and digital campaigns.

Eyeglue is always a pleasure to collaborate with. Nick always brings creative solutions that elevate our brands with engaging storytelling.

We can always rely on Eyeglue to be on time and on budget making them our go-to agency partner when we have content needs.

Jonathan Van Ryzin, Senior Design Manager, Edgewell

Schick | Brand Reintroduction

With a fresh new face, this new brand introduction explored the history of Schick and introduced the new look and updated branding across product lines.

A sentimental music track, mixed with slow, steady 3D animation and subtle light artifacts brings this piece to life by reintroducing a timeless brand with a new look and message: Be you, no one else can.

Multiple versions were created for organic placement across Schick’s social channels.

Creative Direction: Jon Van Ryzin, Edgewell
Animation, Editing, Sound: Nick Bartos, Eyeglue

Wet Ones | Social Ads

The Wet Ones team launched a campaign in January 2021 emphasizing “stressing less” and allowing Wet Ones to help kill bacteria and germs on hands encountered during day-to-day activities.

Edgewell’s internal creative team sent over ad ideas and copy, as well as a potential video to use in ads. Eyeglue animated the assets, compiled together stock video, and added sound design and licensed music for each. In all, 5 ads were created, with many additional versions and variations created (in sizes and length) to deliver well over a dozen deliverables.

Creative Direction: Jon Van Ryzin, Edgewell
Animation, Editing, Sound: Nick Bartos, Eyeglue

Edge | Cedarwood and Shea Butter | Product Introduction

For this project, introducing Edge’s new shave gel scent, Eyeglue received a brief and storyboard, as well as additional footage from Atomic Kid Studios.

Eyeglue provided animation, editing, sound design, and music licensing services to create a long (:15) and short form (:06) version of the new campaign ads. Also created were vertical, square, and 9×16 versions (for multiple placements across social and digital) were created as well.

Creative Direction: Jon Van Ryzin, Edgewell
Animation, Editing, Sound: Nick Bartos, Eyeglue
Additional Footage: Atomic Kid Studios