BigMouth Inc.

BigMouth Inc. approached Eyeglue to create video content to show their wholesale customers and, secondarily, their social media community following (consisting of pool toy and sprinkler lovers) their new lines of larger-than-life inflatable toys.

While we were able to create standard, high-quality content for BigMouth to show off their products, we also elevated our deliverables by offering eye-popping 360-degree video.

Utilizing a 360-degree camera and, oftentimes, a specialized, 24-foot carbon fiber pole, we can get close up to and far away from all the action in just seconds. Furthermore— because the 360 camera captures every angle, it allows our editors to create spectacular visuals and transitions while editing the footage. The result is similar to FPV (first person view) drone footage, but we can create near-identical content without the risk of injury or accident — all with more control of the footage during post-production.